Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hello everyone

(I was supposed to post this February 7th. That's why the date is all weird.)

Weight: 123

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been really busy with work and firguring out this moving situation. I didn't make my goal for February 5th. I was 117. Sadly, now I'm back up to 123. So now my goal is going to be 115 by March 1st, then 110 by March 20th. That's more achievable.

So here's a picture I had taken 2 weeks ago. Excuse the ridiculous outfit. It was a rave. I was 117 at the time.
It's strange because I think I look skinnier in this picture than what I see in the mirror. But maybe that's how we all feel.

Well I hope you're all doing well. Stay strong! :)


  1. We all get busy. And 123 isn't that bad. You'll get back under 120 in no time. Stay safe!

  2. I'll have you know: 1. that you are pathetic to make an anorexia journal promoting it 2. Being someone who treats you guys I am aware you all are smart and research what kinds of horrible and irreparable effects you are doing to your body and mind;although that never stops you anyway. 3. A not known statistic really; about 95% of people with eating disorders inevitably stop because life gets in the way and become obese, like morbidly obese, by age 30. Or you know you can just keep it up and die like that "helpless and tortured" 55 year old woman that I used to call my aunt. You aren't special, misunderstood, hopeless, or chic because of this; you're just another sick person that gets to become a statistic because of poor choices and a constant need to be masochistic. Poor poor you...
    J.R. MD PhD
    PS Get a new quote, that Latin phrase is the most typical, overused, bullshit quote when it comes to people who love being sick.

    1. I seriously doubt that you are a medical doctor. Any self respecting medical professional, especially one that claims to have experience treating "these guys" as you so eloquently put it, would never react or say that to someone suffering from AN or BN. Insensitivity and judgement like that is more hurtful than helpful. If you are in fact a doctor as you claim then you have just broken the oath you have once taken to help the ill. Coming from an actual liscenced psychologist, who comes to these websites to see the new things I am constantly up against,I am truly dissapointed that I now have to add a self absorbed, insensitive pseudo-doctor to this list. I truly hope that you replace your ignorance with knowledge and find a way to help these girls rather than put them down.

      As for the girls who are reading this blog, and especially the one responsible for writing it, please seek help. I understand that this is your life, your obsession, and in some cases, your most important secret, but their are better ways to live. You can be healthy and beautiful. Your weight, the size of your wrist, or the baginess of your clothes do not have to define you. I hope that you will realize this before it is too late, and please understand that no real doctor is like the person above me. We truly care for you and want to help. Please, reach out.